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Finally, something on what we have been working for a long period of time has progressed and results of our hard work will be visible. Project  Erasmus is happening at last.

In February  2015 primary school „Ljudevit Gaj“, Krapina made a decision to participate in a Youth Exchange Program Erasmus+. The following steps for us to make were project design, writting of project documentation, searching for partners and project application. The project proposal was sent towards the end of 2015 after what the school signs the agreement with the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes. 

The school obtained the financial support for the „Good Vibrations“ Project amounth of 16,680  Euros.

The Project is a Youth Exchange Programme for spanish and croatian students ages between 13 and 15 which focus is developing of skills, competitons through music (drumming) and  increase in awareness of healthy habits of our students.

Achieving the pre-set targets our  workshops will enable students to improve their music  skills, learn the advantages of the team work, learn how to be open-minded, how to respect others opinions, attitudes and ideas and how to express themself in different ways. They will also improve their skills in spreading ecological conscious, inclusion and entrepreneurial strategies, they will learn about different cultures and how to respect them, learn to use different foreign languages, in fact they will improve their selfawarness.

Partner school is the IES La Florida school from Las Torres de Cotillas from Spain. Their representatives will come on the preliminary meeting on the 12th of February in order to make sure that the project is sucessfull.  Workshops will run from 11th till 18th of March 2016 in Krapina. In the period of seven days the participants will go through many activities which can be divided in several groups: physical training, music, active involvement in our society and sensibilisation, daily evaluation, evening acitivities and excursion (the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, the Ethno-village Kumrovec and family Mutić from Zagorska Sela).

For information about project preparation and developments follow us on our web pages, Facebook, daily newspapers or local radio stations.


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Translated by Mrs. Branka Leljak.


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